Stone instantly elevates a project, adding a natural and functional dimension that complements surroundings with light, color and contrast. Whether offsetting a cobalt pool with a custom surface or introducing a touch of stonework to a verdant garden, stone offers unmatched versatility and durability in any environment.

That said, as stone often works most beautifully when paired with other elements, our inventory has deepened over the years to include gravel, soil, mulch and sod. We focus on ensuring our warehouses are stocked generously with the supplies most in demand by our masons, contractors, landscapers and architects, yet we relish equally the opportunity to help procure rare or uncommon product to suit individual needs.

Our goal is to equip you as comprehensively as possible throughout your project, and we take great pride in doing so.


We can help you find the product that best satisfies your style and project. Browse our existing inventory or allow us to quickly place a special order.


  • Autumn Hue
  • Chino Valley Palo
  • Chino Valley Rosa
  • Dove Gray
  • Towanda Blue

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From the strikingly decorative to the pleasingly practical, we stock a variety of gravels in both bulk and bags to meet diverse design considerations.


  • Black Star Gravel
  • Bronze Gravel
  • Dark Cedar Gravel
  • Granite Gravel
  • Limestone Gravel
  • Salado Rose Gravel
  • Silver Mist Gravel
  • Bull Rock
  • Black Mexican Pebbles
  • Rio Grande Pebbles
  • Pink Marble Chips
  • White Marble Chips

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We offer a fully-stocked soil yard to suit the wide array of landscaping needs across Houston. We ensure top quality by working only with select grass farms, and sell our sod by the pallet and the piece for our clients’ convenience and precise requirements. We’re always happy to blend custom mixes or source special product as desired.

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